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Gutter Cleaning

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Take good care of your rain gutters, and they’ll take good care of your home.

Rain gutters aren’t glamorous, but they are truly important. Seriously, rainspouts and gutters protect your home from top to bottom, diverting damaging rainwater and debris from your home’s roof as well as away from the foundation. Therefore it is absolutely essential to clean out rain gutters regularly — at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn.

In our part of the country, gutters get a real workout due to our abundant rainfall — we get significant rain an average of 100 days each year. Trees are also plentiful in our area, which is generally a very good thing, but unfortunately leaves and conifer needles are also often the primary culprits in blocking the flow of rain gutters.

Clearly gutter cleaning is something that needs to be done, but it is also one of the jobs that most homeowners really dislike. Get out the ladder (or borrow one from a neighbor.) Climb up on the roof (carefully, carefully.) Balance yourself at the edge of the roof and reach down into the gutter, to scoop out smelly mounds of rotting leaves, moldy twigs, and dead insects (and sometimes worse, much worse.) No wonder people put off this important chore.

If you decide to undertake cleaning your gutters yourself, here are some helpful tips from our team of professionals:

gutter cleaning

• Try to tackle the job after the weather has been dry and warm for a few days. You may not get a dry spell like this in our typically rainy spring and fall seasons, but you should take advantage of it when you can. It’s easier to remove damp debris than soggy, well-saturated material.
• Make sure that your ladder is in good condition and that you place it on a firm, level surface. For safety, you should always have someone standing by on the ground as a spotter, in case of accidents. It’s all-too-easy for even a careful DYI person to slip or lose his or her balance unfamiliar surface of the roof.
• If your gutters aren’t too packed with wet debris, you may be able to use a leaf blower to dislodge most of the gunk, and then hose out the rest with your garden hose.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or inclination to tackle this messy job yourself, please feel free to call America’s Best Contractor, Inc. at 503-259-0538. Our experienced, professional gutter cleaning service makes it easy for you to have this essential chore done efficiently without mess or bother.


We are a family operated business that specializes in roof repair, conversions, over layment and replacements. We take pride in the services that we provide and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied before the project is complete.

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