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Hire a Gutter Cleaning Service After the Autumn Leaves Fall

autumn gutter cleaningHere in the Portland area, making sure your gutters are clean and free of debris is a job best performed at least twice a year. Scheduling a thorough cleaning in spring or summer is a matter of convenience for the homeowner. Fall gutter cleaning is another matter. While there is some debate as to whether you should schedule a gutter cleaning service before or following the autumn leaf fall, in general, you should look to make an appointment with a reputable gutter cleaner no later than early to mid-November.

Beating the Rain and Snow

One of the last things a homeowner wants to have to deal with during the winter months is clogged gutters. Any accumulation of leaves, dirt, and debris in your gutters only exacerbates possible damage to your gutters during the rainy season that begins in earnest in November, throughout the Portland area. Snow season is not far behind, typically starting in December.

If your gutters are filled with leaves and debris, water from the rain may be impeded and back up. Once the temperatures drop below freezing, you might suddenly find that your gutters have become clogged. Compound this with the possibility of a heavier than usual snow season, and damage and even breakage of your entire gutter system might occur due to the buildup of heavy ice and snow.

Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Damage to your home’s structure is not just limited to a possible collapse of the gutter system itself. Additional damage to the home might include:

  • Water damage: If ice builds up in the gutter over long periods of time it can increase the likelihood that any wood it comes in contact with near the eaves and roof may cause mildew or wood rot. It is not unheard of that water in your gutters that are impeded might spill and find its way to your basement. If this water flow is ongoing, and of a sufficient quantity, there is a danger that your basement might flood.
  • Structural damage: This same water that spills over the gutter walls into your basement can also cause unsightly stains on your exterior walls. Even worse, if there is a steady flow of water, your exterior walls may suffer cracking and chipping from the water working into the foundation where it then freezes.

Call a Professional of Do It Yourself?

While some homeowners prefer to deal with this critical home maintenance chore themselves, if the gutter cleaning is not done properly it might produce a less than desirable result. While the cost of hiring a licensed and bonded professional varies according to the size of the home, the number of trees surrounding the roof area and the extent and method of cleaning chosen are also factored into the price. Remember — cost considerations should never outweigh a job well done.

And gutter cleaning can be a risky and dirty job. Trying to do it yourself could lead to injuries or damage to your gutters. Ultimately, it would cost more than hiring a pro to get the job done safely and cleanly.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

By relying on the expertise of a professional gutter cleaning service you are helping to ensure that you won’t have to deal with clogs during winter conditions. Make certain the professional you entrust this job to is fully licensed and bonded. Don’t neglect to ask for and check out their references, many of which can be found, online, on the company’s web site.

Professionals will start the job by blowing all existing debris from the roof. This helps to prevent any debris well above the gutter line from eventually working its way down into the gutter itself. They will typically clean your gutters beyond just removing large debris and then flushing out the finer particles of dirt and debris with a pressurized hose. Often, there is a buildup of grime that is only easily removed with pressurized equipment. Same goes for the downspouts, strainers and the bottom of the gutters. Professionals will also make sure that the exterior of your gutters is cleaned, as well.

Because here in the Portland area fall gutter cleaning season represents a particularly busy time of the year for gutter cleaning companies, it is advisable that you schedule your appointment for a cleaning well in advance. In fact, a wise course of action is to schedule your fall gutter cleaning after the completion of your spring cleaning to make sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned and ready for the winter rain and snow season.

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