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Roof Maintenance Part 1 – How to Maintain Your Roof

A lot of people don’t feel like spending money on roof maintenance as they believe that it’s an unnecessary expenditure. However, a roof is an important investment. You would like it to last for as much time as possible. The fact is, inappropriate care of your roof can lead to its degradation and eventually it will end up costing you even more money than before. Therefore it is needless to say that proper maintenance of your roof will be less costly in comparison to replacing it on the whole. Hence following are the best ways for maintenance of your new roof:

Clear the debris off your roof – When you have huge trees over your house the accumulation of acorns and fallen leaves on top of your roof besides being a blot on the landscape leads to the formation of a natural dam. A dam is a body of water that may eventually cause leakage. So take a blower and a broomstick to get rid of the debris on your roof as soon as possible and do yourself a big favor.

Replace or repair shingles – Shingles easily curl up or get warped. The shingles are quite flexible when the weather is hot outside. This is the time when it can be twisted back into shape. When it is cold out, you might have to use a blow dryer to apply heat to soften the shingles to restructure them. Either way, warped shingles may lead to water leakage hence it needs to be tackled as soon as possible. Rough weather or even usual wear and tear may cause shingles to get damaged or loose. It is necessary to replace damaged or loose shingles as quickly as possible, again to avoid leakage.

Clean your roof from time to time – Luckily, this particular job is something that you can postpone for every 1 to 3 years. But, it is extremely important if you wish to keep your brand new roof free from dirt and grime and look as new as ever. Simply get a roof cleaner that is easily available in home improvement stores. Use an insecticide sprayer to spray some cleaner on the roof. You can even use a pressure washer but set it at the least possible pressure setting. Now as per the instructions of manufacturer leave the cleaner to soak then rinse with water.

Clean your gutters – Cleaning the gutters regularly will avert the accumulation of debris and ensure that the water drains properly from the rooftop. Just use a blower to clean the gutters then make use of a water hose for rinsing the remaining dirt out.

There are many things to consider while caring for your roof. You can seek help from an experienced professional to make all necessary decisions. Contact America’s Best Roofing immediately to have a trustworthy and experienced contractor handle your roofing project. Call us at 503-259-0538.


We are a family operated business that specializes in roof repair, conversions, over layment and replacements. We take pride in the services that we provide and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied before the project is complete.

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