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Preparing your home and household for roof installation

You can be assured that our roof installation experts will do everything possible to make the installation of your new roof go smoothly, with as little disruption as possible. Installing a roof, however, is a major construction project, so it’s best to be well-prepared in advance. There are a number of things that you can do beforehand that will help ensure that your property is protected during the process.

Inside your home
inside the house
Removing your old roof and installing the new one will inevitably create some degree of vibration that will be felt in the walls and ceilings of your home. To be safe, we recommend that you remove all breakable items — mirrors, knick-knacks, and other valuables — from your walls. Don’t forget to remove the glass globes/chimneys from any wall-mounted lamps.

If you have items stored in your attic, they should be covered with plastic or sheets to protect them from dust and small debris that may sift down from the roof. If you have a roof-attached fan in the attic, please be sure to disconnect it.

If you have skylights, be sure to protect the furnishings and items below from dust and debris that may fall in after they are removed.

Please be aware that vibration can make dust seep down through ceiling light fixtures and vents. If any family members have breathing problems such as asthma, they may want to plan to stay away from home until construction is completed.

Outside, up on the roof
Any structures that are mounted on the roof such as satellite dishes, tv antennas and solar panels will probably need to be removed. To ensure that such equipment is handled correctly, you may want to engage the services of a professional in the field.

If you have tree branches hanging near or against the roof, we will need to remove them. Again, if you prefer to have such pruning done expertly, please contact a tree-trimming professional before construction begins.

Outside — protecting outbuildings, vehicles, and other property around the construction site
outside the house
Dust and debris, including nails and pieces of shingle, will naturally fall or blow off the roof during construction. If your garage or other outbuildings have windows, please close them to keep dust from drifting in.

Vehicles, RVs, boats and trailers should be parked well away from the site for two reasons. First, you don’t want falling debris to damage them. And second, our crews will need to have full access to the driveway and any walkways in order to park and transport equipment and materials.

Outside furniture, potted and hanging plants, patio and lawn ornaments, etc. should be moved away from the house to protect them from damage. If items cannot be readily moved, try to cover them with tarps or similar protection.

Pools or spas should also be covered if at all possible. Even if your pool is covered, dust and small debris may seep in, so it is advised that you turn off the pump during construction to avoid debris being sucked into the filter. After construction is complete, the pool should be cleaned to remove any traces of debris that could cause damage to the filtration system.

Please mow the lawn before installation; this will enable us to see and remove debris from the area when construction is finished.

Children are naturally fascinated by construction activities, especially when their own homes are involved. However, construction sites have a lot of dangers, both hidden and obvious, so it’s best to keep children away. If children are allowed to be outside during construction, they must be supervised at all times, with care taken to keep them at enough distance that nothing could possibly fall on them and well away from ladders, electrical equipment and other potential hazards. Children who are in the house may be disturbed by the loud noises of construction up on the roof and may prefer to stay with friends or relatives during work hours.

Don’t forget that this is still a construction site even after your roof installers go home for the day. They will leave some equipment at the site and there may be nails, sharp bits of metal flashing and other potentially dangerous debris in the area, so it’s important that children be supervised at all times if they are outside during the construction period.

Pets, including birds, may be particularly sensitive to the loud noises and structural vibrations of construction, as well as being upset by having strangers with strange vehicles and equipment “invading their space”. Pets should be secured in a safe, secure area of the home, or you may consider boarding them until construction is complete.


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