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Roof Maintenance

Why you may need a reliable contractor to provide professional roof maintenance

Staying on top of roof maintenance in Beaverton, OR can be somewhat challenging. As you are no doubt aware, Northwest Oregon is well-known for our abundant rainfall and chronically-damp conditions. This naturally has a significant impact on almost any kind of roof, and the perpetual wetness contributes to the challenges of actually doing hands-on roof maintenance.

This is why local roofing experts often recommend that homeowners employ an experienced and reliable roofer to help them deal with ongoing wear-and-tear, including promptly repairing wind- and water-related damage before it can become majorly destructive to the house and its possessions.

The Importance of Quality Roof Maintenance


In Beaverton, OR, roof maintenance involves more than just spending an afternoon once a year climbing up on the roof, sweeping away debris and checking for obviously loose or missing shingles. You can do this, perhaps believing that you’ve taken care of business, so now you can just forget about it your roof for the next 12 months — until you start noticing leaks or other problems. Studies have shown that a roof only lasts about half its potential lifespan unless it is properly inspected and maintained on a regular ongoing basis.

Roofing specialists will tell you that every roof should be carefully, thoroughly checked out at least twice a year, if you expect your roof to remain safe and leak-proof for its full lifespan. Expert maintenance is essential, regardless of the quality of the materials and installation workmanship.

You may ask, “What about my warranty? Didn’t I pay good money to a reputable roofing company who assured me that my roofing materials are of the highest quality, and provided the added insurance of a long term warranty paper?”

Unfortunately many homeowners don’t realize that most roof installation warranties explicitly state that this protection is valid only under the condition that the roof is regularly maintained. Check the fine print — odds are that your warranty is void unless you can prove your roof has been well-maintained. If you can’t provide proof, and if your roof sustains damage after only two or three years, you won’t be getting any money back or free repairs, no matter how much you paid your roofers.


What to ask your roofer about maintenance issues

Fortunately, when it comes to roof maintenance in Beaverton, OR, you don’t have to look far to find a qualified specialist who can answer all your questions and present you with affordable options.

Before hiring a roofing maintenance service to routinely check your roof for damages and address problems, here are a few questions to ask:

  • What is the process they follow for keeping your roof in good shape on a long term basis?
  • Do they use any special methods for detecting any possible weaknesses in your roof such as vulnerability to moisture, fire or lightning? Professionals may use infrared scans, isotopic meters or electrical resistance and capacitance meters.
  • Will they assist you with emergency repairs in the event of a powerful storm or other events that may damage your roof?

You should look for a roof maintenance professional who can confidently and clearly answer your questions, assure you of excellent, reliable service, and who also provides you with an affordable price estimate.

Once you have contracted with an expert you can trust and depend upon, all your worries about roof maintenance in Beaverton, Oregon will disappear, and you can feel confident that you have made the right choice to ensure that your roof will be in great shape for years to come.


We are a family operated business that specializes in roof repair, conversions, over layment and replacements. We take pride in the services that we provide and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied before the project is complete.

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