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Start Spring cleaning at the top! This is the perfect time of year to get your roof and gutters looking and functioning at their best.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our roofs and gutters get a real workout, thanks to our abundant rainfall (we get significant rain an average of 100 days a year) and the windy sea-driven storms that bring our winter weather. We also have lots of trees — an asset for the most part, but we have to admit that dead leaves and conifer needles are also often the primary culprits in blocking the flow of rain gutters and holding moisture on vulnerable shingles and shakes, encouraging mold and rot.

It can be tempting to neglect cleaning one’s roof and gutters, but it’s important to stay on top of this important task. Your roof is an essential part of the structure of your home or business, and it’s a significant investment. so you want it to last and function well for as long as possible. Failure to attend to basic cleaning and maintenance is sure to cause premature deterioration and decreased longevity of your roof. Clearly spending a small amount of time and money to keep your roof in good, clean shape is be far less costly than replacing it.

Here are four basic things to keep in mind if you want to keep your roof in tip-top condition:

    roof cleaning

  1. Keep debris off of your roof. Especially if you have overhanging trees nearby, leaves, twigs, and other organic debris will quickly accumulate on your roof. Rooftop debris gives your property a messy appearance, but what’s even worse, this organic matter forms a natural dam that actually holds water on the roof. This can weaken roof materials leading to damage and leaking. Cleaning with a leaf blower and/or broom should be done on a regular basis, to keep your roof clear of unsightly damaging debris.
  2. Keep your rain gutters clean. Rainspouts and gutters aren’t glamorous, but they are truly important in protecting your property from top to bottom, diverting damaging rainwater and debris from your home’s roof as well as away from the foundation. It’s absolutely essential to clean your rain gutters regularly, especially after a tough winter.
  3. Make sure that damaged shingles are promptly repaired or replaced. It’s very common for a shingle to curl up or warp, leading to leakage and damaging adjoining shingles. Addressing minor damage before it becomes major is an important key to making your roof last.
  4. Have your roof thoroughly scrubbed regularly. To keep your roof free from dirt, grime and mold, your roof should be cleaned with a good-quality roof-cleaning solution on a regular basis. Depending on your location you may need to do this annually, or you may be able to schedule every other year or so. An ordinary garden insecticide sprayer works fairly well to wash and rinse the surface of most roofs. Alternatively you may opt for using a pressure washer, but be careful to set it at the lowest pressure to prevent damage.

You may want to attempt these challenging, messy tasks yourself, but if you don’t have the time or inclination to tackle this work — and if you are located in or near Beaverton, Oregon — please feel free to call America’s Best Contractor, Inc. at 503-259-0538. Our experienced, professional roof and gutter cleaning services make it easy for you to have these essential chores done without mess or bother.


We are a family operated business that specializes in roof repair, conversions, over layment and replacements. We take pride in the services that we provide and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied before the project is complete.

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Pressure Washing
Americas best pressure washing is a family owned and operated business that specializes in cedar shake roof maintenance, repair and treatment. We take pride in the services that we provide and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied before the project is complete.

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