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Roof Repair and Replacement Can Boost the Value of Your Home

roof repairHome values can fluctuate based on certain factors. Keep in mind the demand for real estate in your area, the age of the home, and the property values of other houses around you. Most of these things you can’t control. The best you can do try to present your home in the best light possible when you are putting it on the market. But one large issue will affect the value of your home. Fortunately, it is within your power to fix it. A home’s roof may become naturally weathered or deteriorate as a result of certain conditions. Learn how roof repair and replacement can help boost the value of your house

What Happens to Roofs?

Over time, roofs can start to sag or even collapse in some places. Ongoing issues can lead to leaks and further damage. Because a roof protects the house, it takes on the elements and shows signs of wear.

Possible Conditions

Maybe a tree branch fell on the house during a massive storm last winter, which caused damage to a section of the roof. Or large pools of water collected on the roof, seeping through and beginning to affect the ceilings and interiors of the home. A roof could be missing some roof tiles. A section of the roof could fall, exposing the attic or crawlspace to the elements. And even if there is no apparent damage, you may have some parts of your roof that are unstable or just old, which means that you risk having them fall in during the next major storm.

Periodically Inspect the Roof

You should check your roofing in the spring and fall. Look to see if there is any damage to fix. Make sure that your roof shingles are all in place. Check the ceilings in the house to see if there are leaks. The sooner roof repairs are done, the less likely the roof will need to be replaced. Have a roofing professional check the roof and determine what needs to be done to keep it in good shape.

Cost of Ignoring Problems

However, even if biannual inspections are done, it is still highly recommended for homeowners to replace the roof after approximately 20 years. Failure to replace a faulty roof can cause other problems. Leaks may lead to mold, and the roof could collapse. These problems are more costly to fix than replacing the roof. Consult with a reputable contractor to determine whether the roof should be repaired or replaced.

Benefits of Replacing the Roof

There are other benefits to replacing the roof. First, investing money raises the value of the home overall. Because the roof is newer, home buyers will be willing to pay more. Potential buyers appreciate the fact the roof is functional and will not need immediate repairs or replacement. Plus, a solid roof means there will be no surprises while the house is on the market. An inspector could note the roof needs to be fixed or find leaks that the buyers would want to be repaired. The unexpected expenses can add up quickly. Fixing the roof before putting the house on the market ensures it is in the best possible condition.

Consider the Possible Risks

There are also risks to failing to repair or replace the roof. Time is a homeowner’s enemy when it comes to the condition of the roof. This can lead to a variety of risky situations that become dangerous and expensive.

Sooner is Better than Later

A leak that seems small now will only develop into a larger pool of water. The roof may start to sag and eventually collapse. People could get injured, and the contents of the home may get damaged. And leaking water can also lead to mold and mildew growth within your home. This condition takes time and money to treat. Avoid the problem by fixing the roof when it first shows signs of disrepair.

Storm Damaged

If the roof was damaged in a recent storm, failure to fix the damage leaves room for weathering to increase the damage. More shingles could be lost, and leaks may arise. The roof will become unattractive and dysfunctional. Sometimes homeowners insurance covers certain storm damage. Work with your insurance agent and a local contractor to find out what can be done to fix the roof in a timely and affordable way.

Ultimately, the value of your home can increase if you replace your roof before you put it on the market. Making this investment will encourage buyers to want the house. If it looks good from the outside, they will want to see what the house looks like inside. Plus, savvy buyers recognize the value of having a new or repaired roof. This essential protection for the home is one of the first elements buyers consider.

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