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Top Five Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

top fiveReplacing a roof is a large expense for homeowners, but having a leak or collapse is even worse. Preventing damage is a great way to extend the life of the roof on your home, garage, or outbuilding, but there are also several great maintenance tips that can help. After all, no one can control storms that may knock down trees or branches, but homeowners can control other maintenance factors.

Before you attempt any roof maintenance, make sure everything is perfectly safe and secure. Better yet, call in the professionals who have the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to complete any roofing project quickly and with no injury or property damage.

Extend the life of your roof with these five maintenance tips:

1 – Always repair any damage or leaks promptly. One of the most important tips for extending the life of your roof is to take care of any leaks or damage as soon as you notice it, and not to put it off and allow the problem to get worse. Many homeowners are nervous about the disruption and cost of getting their roof replaced, and may think that they can live with a little leaking here and there to save money. However, what really saves money is calling in the professionals ASAP and allowing them to fix a small problem before it gets bigger.

2 – Keep the roof and all gutters free of debris. Whether there is a large broken branch on your roof or just a buildup of autumn leaves in the gutters, it is important to clear clutter off regularly. Not only can a large branch scrape the shingles and damage them, but clogged gutters can create a backflow of water that can introduce rot or damaging ice under the roof shingles or even into the house.

3 – Prevent moss, mold and mildew growth. Anything growing on the roof has the potential to break down the materials and cause damage over time. Professional roof contractors can tackle this problem with appropriate solutions.

4 – Inspect around chimneys, skylights, and utilities. Any place in the house where the roof is interrupted by a chimney, skylight, pipe or other item should be inspected regularly for any sign that the surrounding seal is damaged or compromised. Climb up into your attic or crawlspace under the roof and look for any signs of water or mold coming into the house. Discolored boards and rusted nails could be a sign that there is some sort of leak.

5 – Look for signs of animal or insect damage. Another thing to look for while you are in the attic is any sign of animal activity or insect damage. You do not have to be out in the country to have squirrels, mice and raccoons find their way into your attic for some warmth and shelter. Insect are, of course, found everywhere and can do just as much damage over time. Look for droppings, areas where the wood is chewed or has burrow holes, or any holes to the outside.


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