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Winterize Your Roof for Safety and Comfort All Year Long

snow-on-roofWinter winds, ice, and snow attack the integrity of your roof all season long. You trust it to stay strong, shed water, support snow, and keep you and your family safe, dry, and warm. In order to do this and to prevent problems that may lead to worse trouble and higher expenses later on, you should winterize your roof before the coldest weather hits.

Follow these five basic roof winterizing tips to prevent damage, maintain proper insulation, and keep your house looking its best all year long.

Top Five Roof Winterizing Tips

  1. Give Your Roof a Thorough Inspection

    The first step in any winterizing project is to know what you are working with. Carefully examine the roof from all sides, including from above if possible. Look for missing or loose shingles, bumps or uneven patches, signs of pests, and growth of moss and algae.

  2. Have All Problems Fixed in the Fall

    Contract a professional roofer to come out and replace shingles or tighten them down, and repair any damage to any part of the roof. If necessary, hire a pest control person to get rid of insects or animals who are living in the roof or the attic. Also, consider having your roof power-washed to remove debris and vegetation.

  3. Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts

    Snow and ice can become quite heavy on your roof, and you want to get it off as quickly as possible. As it melts on a sunny day or simply from the warmth of your house, the water needs to run into the gutters, down the downspouts, and away from your house to keep the roof in good condition. Clogged gutters can create ice jams that push backward up the roof, potentially damaging shingles or, in extreme cases, making the roof collapse.

  4. Boost the Insulation Near the Roof

    Although insulation is often recommended as an energy-saving project, keeping the heat inside the house can help your roof avoid damage caused by melting and refreezing of ice or the ice jams mentioned above.

  5. Trim Back Branches to Avoid Roof Catastrophes

    You may love the look of the large tree spreading its branches over your yard. But one scene you would not like is one of those branches punching a hole through your roof and damaging your home inside and out during a snowstorm or ice event.

Winterizing your roof is not only about making sure the roof itself is in good condition and properly sealed. The process also includes protecting it from potential problems. As ice and snow build up on branches, they become much heavier and more likely to break.

Give your roof the best opportunity possible to do its job of protecting your home, belongings, and family all year round. When the cold weather comes, snow threatens, and the icy northern winds sweep through your yard, a properly maintained and winterized roof will help you avoid disasters and costly repairs.


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