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Get the Facts About Green Roofing Systems in OR

green roofGreen roofs are popping up on homes and business buildings around the world. But what is a green roof and what makes it so special? Today we’re going to look at the ways that green roofing positively impacts the Oregon environment and is an important investment that you can make in your home or office buildings that you own.

What is a Green Roof?

A green roof is a special type of roof that features landscaped roof space, rather than traditional shingled, slate or tar roofing. Green roofs have been installed in buildings for decades, with many European countries leading the way in promoting green roof use.

Cities Take Note

However, in the United States, cities like New York and Chicago have begun to use green roofs, too, for their environmental benefits and ability to stop stormwater waste. On the West Coast, Portland, OR is a notably green city that promotes the use of these roofs.

Construction of a Green Roof

As you might suspect, the green roof is installed differently than any other traditional roof. For starters, a green roof must have a layered structure that allows plants to take root and grow, which requires framing and components that facilitate this development.

Structure and Design

First, structural support, which is actually the roofing component, is placed. It’s then covered by a waterproof layer that further protects the roof and your building.

After that come the gardening layers, which include a drainage layer for water distribution, filter fabric for managing root spread and, of course, the growing medium into which the plants are placed.

Once you have your roof structure in place, the design is up to you. Generally, you want to include plants that are sun tolerant and are self-sustaining. Unless you plan to have your roof landscaping regularly pruned and watered, you likely don’t want to consider trees and flowering plants which require regular gardening care.

How Does a Green Roof Impact Ecological Footprint?

One of the biggest discussions surrounding green roofs is their impact on the ecological footprint not only of a building but of an entire community. After all, your green roof will impact far more than your building alone.

Provide Habitats

A primary benefit of the green roof is that it provides habitat and pollination ground for essential bugs and birds that are part of your community’s ecosystem. Giving these creatures a place to eat, work and live is an important way to contribute to the health in your community. In cities, the benefit of habitats like this is absolutely invaluable.

Wastewater Management

Green roofs provide unique wastewater management because they absorb rainwater and snow melt, rather than bouncing them off and into the sewer system for wastewater management systems to control. Wastewater overflow is a serious problem in most cities, but with more companies and building owners looking to green roofs, the problem is lessening.

In fact, the amount of wastewater that even 10 percent of a city’s roofs covered in green roof could eliminate, would save cities billions of dollars in wastewater management and filtration costs. And that’s not even mentioning the positive environmental impact of the water pollution issues that this can solve.

Reduce Heat Islands

In cities, the impact of a bunch of black tar roofs all in a row creates a phenomenon known as “heat islands”. Heat islands occur when all of these roofs heat in the summer sun and reflect the heat to the surrounding area.

When there are enough of them in one close by area, green roofs work to reduce the effect of heat islands or even eliminate them altogether. Plus, green roofs keep buildings cooler by avoiding a roof heat up in the first place.

Who’s Investing in Green Roofs and Why?

Building owners around the country and around the world are investing in green roofs because they are conscious of the environmental impact that they bring to the communities around them. Anyone can invest in a green roof, whether you own a small home or a multi-acre warehouse.

Reduce City Environmental Problems

In cities, green roofs play a particularly important role in eliminating problems created by weather events, including rain storms and abundant summer sunshine. They also give local creatures a place to have a habit in the middle of a city.

Longer Roof Lives

Additionally, even though green roofs are more expensive to install than traditional roofs are, the lifespan of a green roof is far longer than its traditional counterparts.

If you’re considering a new roof and want to make a positive impact on the environment while extending the life of your roof and creating a beautiful outdoor oasis, consider a green roof for your next project. Our professionals are also avaiable for basic roof repairs, pressure washing, and other roofing services.

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