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Smart Summer Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners in Beaverton

roof maintenance tipsGearing up for summer may send you into visions of lounging beside the pool or biking your favorite mountain trails. Just because the weather is warming up, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your home maintenance tasks. To prepare for summer, ensure that your roof is in good condition. Summer brings unique challenges, including blazing heat and intense storms during certain parts of the season. Don’t leave your roofing needs until the last minute when a gust of wind takes some shingles or heat damage creates issues that need to be addressed as you head into winter. Consider these smart summer roof maintenance tips for homeowners in Beaverton.

Start with a visual analysis

Before you get up on the roof, start out with a visual analysis from the ground. Check for odd spots that you can notice from (practically) a mile away. These problem spots certainly need to be addressed with a good clean or repair. If you have a multi-story roof that you don’t feel comfortable safely scaling on your own, call a roofing professional to perform a more thorough inspection. Never risk your safety to clean off some odd branches or inspect a trouble spot that might put you in serious danger.

Assess the surrounding area

While you’re inspecting your roof from the ground, take stock of the surrounding area. Are there trees in the yard that have overhanging branches that could come loose during a severe thunderstorm? If they’re in range of your roof, you could end up with the nasty surprise of a tree branch in your living room. Call a tree expert to get help with removing tree branches that put your family in harm’s way. It’s better to remove a problem tree before the tree becomes a real threat to safety.

Clear up debris

Once your visual inspection is complete, head to the roof if you have a way of safely doing so. Once up there, it’s time for the real work to begin. Your first step is to clear debris that may have collected over the winter or spring months.

Remove limbs from roof

If there are any tree limbs on the roof, safely remove these first. If they’ve been there for a while, you may need to address algae growth underneath of them. Getting rid of limbs and branches is an obvious first step. Gently remove any remaining branches and leaves so that you don’t disturb the shingles.

Check gutters

Once your roof is clean, need to address your gutters. As gutters fill and empty with storms and spring thaws, they may clog with all manner of branches, tree material and discarded flower petals from surrounding trees’ spring blooms. Look at the surrounding flashing around your gutters and take note of any spots that may be loose or interfering with gutter flow. If these areas can’t be simply tacked back into place or show signs of serious wear, work with your roofing professional to establish a plan of action for making the necessary repairs to your gutters.

Check for pests

While you’re on the roof, take the opportunity to look for pests that might have made themselves at home during the cooler months. Areas directly below your roof are the most at risk. These spots are susceptible to developing cracks or small holes that invite unwelcome pest guests. If you have a pest problem, reach out to a roofing professional or exterminator to eradicate an active infestation. If you notice only a small hole, you can attempt the repair yourself. Be sure to notify your roofing professional so that they can look for deeper signs of infestation and eliminate any other problems.

Hire a roofer to help

Your trusted roofing professional is a huge help in working through your summer roof maintenance checklist. Your roofing professional knows what to look for when it comes to wear and tear. A roofing professional spots other problems you might want to check out, like trees that are too close or pest problems that need additional attention.

Give your roof a good cleaning

Another essential service that your roofing professional provides is a good cleaning. While you can attempt cleaning on your own, it’s best to leave this job to a professional.

Cleaning a roof is no simple matter, considering the intensity of baked-on stains and algae that accumulate there. Shingles are delicate and can’t withstand the rigors of a hard blast or harsh chemicals. You certainly don’t want to compromise the integrity of your roof over something as simple as a summer cleaning.

Your roofing professional will pressure wash your roof with a safe solution that keeps everything in good condition while working out stains. Ideally, you want to get a good wash every summer or two for best results.

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